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Monday, July 09, 05:30 pm - July 9: North Korea Briefing

Thursday, July 26, 06:00 pm - July 26: Rick Green & Brad Stine - Comedy & The Constitution

Monday, August 13, 05:30 pm - Aug 13: NE Tarrant Tea Party Welcomes Radio Host Chris Salcedo

Monday, September 10, 12:27 am - Sept 10: Prison Reform in Texas

Monday, October 08, 05:30 pm - Oct 8: State Rep Panel - Prepping for the 86th Session


NE Tarrant Tea Party believes in

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Limited Government
  • Rule of Law
  • National Sovereignty
  • Traditional 2-Party System


Don't let the name fool you!  We are a statewide movement...  a group of activists from all across Texas promoting Constitutional governance in every precinct, one voter at a time.  Take a look at our Board members and find contact information here.



It is a citizen's responsibility to provide regular feedback, both positive and negative, to his/her representatives.  Here is a helpful list of contact information for NE Tarrant County residents, from city council to President.


Grapevine-Colleyville ISD School Board Race

April 24, 2018.

GCISD School Board – The two incumbents both have challengers we support. Those challengers are Amy Putnam & Tim Raine.  The more we’ve researched what’s going on right here in our own schools, the more appalled we are.  If there is no change in leadership, these things will continue.  Here are a couple stories and some horrifying statistics…



Who is this guy with the big yard signs, and why are we sharing pictures of him campaigning? Well, meet Mark Bauer, leader of the local Democrats and Battleground Texas, the movement to turn Texas blue.  He’s also the campaign strategizer for Mindy McClure and Becky St. John (the 2 incumbents).  This is a pic of him and McClure putting up yard signs, as well as a pic of him working the polls pushing both candidates. He's also running their phone bank and supporting them financially. Need we say more? For what it’s worth, Rep. Giovanni Capriglione is also activating Democrats to vote for the incumbents.


Several weeks ago at GCISD a "survey" was done in an 8th grade language arts class asking the kids if they had LGBT desires. Last week 6th graders were given a survey asking if they'd ever had sexual intercourse. One girl didn't even know what that meant and didn't answer the question. If they are too young to even know the vocabulary, why is this even being brought up? Yes, some 6th graders are more "mature" than others, but does that mean all of them have to be brought out of innocence before they are ready? What business is it of GCISD if a child is sexually active??? These are electronic surveys, so the parents don't ever get to see them, and in the case of the 6th graders, the parents we've talked to had no idea the survey was being conducted. These are very involved parents, so if it was communicated, it wasn't communicated well. When things like this are brought up to administration, the teacher might be reprimanded, but it means nothing, and then they are literally sent flowers to make it all better! No joke! Something similar happened recently in Mansfield ISD. The school board took it seriously, and the teacher is gone. What is wrong with GCISD??? Time for new leadership.


Why was this poster hanging in the CHHS Library? Teachers, admin, and parents who saw this every day never once questioned it? When the PTA held their candidate forum, several folks saw it and were upset. Us too! We shared it on Facebook and 100s of angry parents responded. The school was forced to take it down, giving us 3 different, opposing explanations. Why not just admit it was a bad choice instead of make stuff up? It turns out this very same poster HAS been complained about before – and nothing was done. Bottom line:  There are many ways to say the library offers historical fiction. This was not a good choice. The picture clearly gives the message that our nation, our Constitution, and our faith are fiction. Don’t believe us? Try putting a Muslim crescent on that poster, or a rainbow flag. The 2 sitting school board members & their supporters defended the “art” to the bitter end. But all’s well that ends well. The poster is down, and those 2 board members may soon be replaced!


If that’s not enough to convince you that we need change in leadership at GCISD, consider some of these scary facts:

  • ***Average property tax has increased 50% in the past 10 years, yet student enrollment and number of teachers has decreased. What are they doing with all that money?  Outstanding debt is up 60%! With fewer students!


  • ***One of the incumbents has spent 9 years making trips to Austin on the taxpayer dime to lobby AGAINST things important to me and you… like even just a study on school finance reform and against pay increases for teachers.


  • ***Test scores at GCISD are not increasing, even with all the money they are spending. Even stagnant test scores do not tell the whole story, because in reality the tests and the classes are being dumbed down so that everyone can get As and more can take AP classes.   A trophy for every kid, right?


  • ***GCISD spends millions of dollars each year to educate kids all over the world via an online school program. Of the 600 people enrolled, only 34 are from GCISD.  Shouldn’t we take care of core functions first?  For example, just this week, a bunch of special ed teachers were laid off due to budget cuts.  How can we spend all that money to educate kids who do not even reside in our district while neglecting our own learning-disabled and special needs children whose parents are actual GCISD taxpayers? Or how about offering an ACT/SAT Prep Course to all students instead of a small group of select few?  Those not selected have to shell out $3000 for a private course if they want to be able to compete for college scholarships!  Obviously the average family cannot afford that.


  • ***With LEAD 2021, GCISD started pushing a digital teaching platform and reducing the number of teachers. Now teachers that have been in our district for more than three years or so are at the lowest pay rate in the area, and so they leave.  Our turnover rate has jumped several points three years in a row.


  • ***GCISD has nearly $700 million in bonds!  And that doesn’t even include $60 million not sold yet!  Our debt payment is nearly 25% of our annual budget!  Wow!


Amy Putnam and Tim Raine are truly a dynamic duo.  Tim’s Nationwide Insurance office was in Grapevine for 24 years so you may recognize his name.  And get this… he was President of the GCISD Board back when it was fiscally stable.  Amy is a former teacher with her Masters in Educational Counseling, plus she won the Lifetime PTA Member award!  These two know their stuff, and they want to serve for the right reasons.  Do you shake your head and wonder what happened to our public schools?  So do we – and we offer Amy Putnam and Tim Raine as two positive solutions. 

Here’s the thing… in Grapevine, for some reason we can’t get good people to vote in our local elections.  The usual suspects always vote – the ones who have an agenda to push.  And they win because nobody shows up to help defeat them.  We can’t squander this blessing God has given us! We have not just one but TWO fantastic, salt of the earth candidates who can hit the ground running from Day One.  Please vote.  But even voting is not enough.  Please find 5 other people who don’t usually vote and get them to cast a ballot as well.  Our community is counting on it!


Keller ISD Swap & Drop

March 16, 2018.

Attention Keller ISD Taxpayers!
The Keller ISD is at it again, so hold on to your checkbooks.  The Keller ISD Board of Trustees is proposing a Tax Ratification Election (TRE), probably to be held in September.  The last time this was attempted, was in June of 2011.  Grassroots activists organized opposition to it back then, and voters overwhelmingly said NO to that proposal.  We need to do it again, and we’re calling on all KISD taxpayers to help.  This time – they have a clever marketing plan for their proposal called “Swap and Drop” (more about that later).  AND…. They are using YOUR tax dollars on this marketing campaign, to persuade YOU to increase YOUR property taxes!  Let’s not allow them to do that, OK?
School District property taxes have 2 components: 

  • The Maintenance & Operations (M&O) portion which funds day to day operating expenses
  • The Interest & Sinking (I&S) portion which pays down debt.

 There are State regulations in place regarding the M&O rate, and KISD is already at the maximum rate, so raising the M&O would require voter approval.  When property values rise – State funding to the district is decreased, so the district does not see additional revenue to this fund from increased values.  (an issue that needs to be addressed with the legislature). 
The I&S portion, however, is not limited, and as rates remain constant, and values go up - revenue to the I&S fund goes up too.  The I&S funds are meant to pay down bond debt.  Bonds are supposed to be paid down over time (like your mortgage), so we would expect that with values rising, and what the district calls “fiscally responsible re-financing”, the I&S rate should go down.
The “Swap & Drop” plan proposes to

  • DECREASE the I&S rate by 14 cents
  • INCREASE the M&O by 13 cents

The result is a net overall reduction of 1 cent.  Doing this will raise an additional $19 million in revenue to the M&O fund, which they can then use for anything they need (including debt repayment).  They can also continue to propose bonds which will increase the debt payment portion of the tax.  And voters happily vote for most every school bond that comes along!
We’ve all been demanding property tax reform, but this is not reform.  The Swap & Drop is campaign is more like a bait & switch.   “We’ll give you 14 hamburgers tomorrow, for 13 hamburgers today.”  Popeye’s friend would be proud.
What can YOU do about it? 

  • Attend the Town Hall they are holding on the issue – Tuesday, Mar. 20, 6:00 pm at Keller High School
  • Contact every member of the KISD board, and Superintendent Westfall, to let them know that you oppose this plan and intend to vote NO if a TRE is held.  They have not yet pulled the trigger on holding the election, so we can save the district some money if we convince them not to hold an election for an issue that will be defeated. 
  • Share your objections on social media wherever possible. 
  • Encourage your City Council members to publicly oppose the TRE

 We need all KISD hands on deck for this, and even if you don’t live in the district, you should help, because if KISD is able to do this now, other districts will do it in the future.  Please join me at the Town Hall on the 20th!
Contact Information for Board Members can be found at:

Fran Rhodes, VP & Citizen Advocate Coordinator
NE Tarrant Tea Party


2018 Primary Recommendations

February 20, 2018.

The Board of NE Tarrant Tea Party has indicated below how each member would choose to vote on every contested race in Tarrant County (does not include Precinct Chair races nor races with only one candidate).  These are recommendations NOT ENDORSEMENTS.  Each race has a possible 6 votes (two board members did not vote due to illness).

US Senate:  Ted Cruz - 6 votes

US Congress:
   District 6 - Ron Wright 4 votes; no indication 2 votes
   District 24 - Johnathan Davidson 2 votes; Kenny Marchant 1 vote; no indication 3 votes
   District  26 - Veronica Birkenstock 4 votes; Michael Burgess 2 votes

Governor:  Greg Abbott - 6 votes

Lt Governor:  Dan Patrick - 6 votes

Land Commissioner:  Jerry Patterson 2 votes; Davey Edwards 4 votes

Ag Commissioner:  Sid Miller 6 votes

RR Commissioner:  Christi Craddick 4 votes; Weston Martinez 1 vote; no indication 1 vote

Criminal Court of Appeals Presiding Judge:  Sharon Keller 1 vote; David Bridges 4 votes; no indication 1 vote

Criminal Court of Appeals Place 8:  Michelle Slaughter 6 votes

State Board of Education District 11:  Feyi Obamehinti 5 votes; no indication 1 vote

State Representative:
   District 98 -  Armin Mizani 6 votes
   District 99 -  Bo French 6 votes

District Judge 233rd:  Kenneth Newell 6 votes

District Judge 342nd:  Pat Gallagher 6 votes

Family Judge 322nd:  James Munford 6 votes

Family Judge 323rd:  Alex Kim 6 votes

Family Judge 325:  Cynthia Terry 6 votes

Criminal Court 4:  Deborah Nekhom 6 votes

Probate Court 1:  Patricia Cole 6 votes

District Clerk:  Tom Wilder 6 votes

Tax Assessor:  Trasa Cobern 1 vote, Rick Barnes 5 votes

Justice of the Peace 3:  Lenny Lopez 5 votes, Bill Brandt 1 vote

Justice of the Peace 4:  Chris Gregory 1 vote, Charity DeVille 3 votes, no indication 2 votes

Justice of the Peace 6:  Chris Garcia 5 votes, no indication 1 vote

Early voting is Feb 20-Mar 2.  Election Day is March 6.  Click here for sample ballots, voting hours and locations, and other election information.

You can PRINT our recommendations and take them to polls with you.  Share them with friends and neighbors too!  Click here to print.



NE Tarrant Tea Party believes in



Don't let the name fool you!  We are a statewide movement...  a group of activists from all across Texas promoting Constitutional governance in every precinct, one voter at a time.  Take a look at our Board members and find contact information here.



It is a citizen's responsibility to provide regular feedback, both positive and negative, to his/her representatives.  Here is a helpful list of contact information for NE Tarrant County residents, from city council to President.